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The Bryan Daily Eagle
Bryan, TX
Sat. Nov 21, 1925

Historical Research

Brenhamite H. H. (Jack) Drumm (1900-1961) started the Dixie Poultry Farms and  Hatchery in Brenham in the early 1920s.  It was a novel, co-op type poultry business.  Drumm sold the poultry business around 1951 and began construction on the motel.

Mexico City bound [cargo plane]; Dixie Poultry Farm - The Dolph Briscoe Center for America

Shipping chickens

BIG NEWS - In 1930 Dixie Poultry Farms shipped 8,000 baby chicks by airplane to Mexico City. With no remaining space for passengers, Mr. Drumm had to travel in a second plane.

Metal Signs

These old metal signs can still be found at estate sales and antique fairs.  Apparently they were attached to fences outside of town, like mini billboards.

Original Postcard

We were able to find several of these original postcards.  One even has the hand-written note, sent in 1962.

Dixie Motel Street Sign

Street sign

The iconic sign on W. Main St., one mile west of downtown Brenham. This sign frequently appears in day-tripper photographs. The previous owner wanted to exclude the sign from the sale. In the end, it was sold and stayed with the motel.



We're told that there has been a thriving population of these Striped Whiptail Lizards on the Dixie Motel property for many years. They happily cruise the labyrinth of original, narrow gauge sidewalks. This one emerged in early March. They are happiest on scorching summer days. Keep an eye out -- if you're lucky you'll see one zipping by. They can really move.

1952  RegistratioN cARD

Someone reached out to us with this original registration card 


Renovation has been ongoing for some time.  The pace accelerated in 2019.  First completed rooms were available for the Spring Round Top Antiques Fair - 2021.

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